Elizabeth P. Tungate

10108 Noble Avenue
Mission Hills, CA 91345
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Cell 818/970-0405

Employment History

April 1999 – Present

Self-Employed Freelance Consultant

Owner, Toad Town Racing.

Web Site Design, Accounting, Marketing, Sales


1999-Present: Haldeman & Frazier Inc.
1999-Present: Game & Range Enterprises
1999-March 2005: CA Side by Side Society
1999: GTS Graphics

April 1989 to April 1999

Union Bank of California, Burbank/Woodland Hills

LAN Administrator/Administrative Assistant – December 1992 to April 1999

In the winter of 1992, our office converted from a DOS environment to a Windows 3.1 Network and I was assigned as LAN Administrator. I spearheaded the SMARTT (Sales Management And Reporting Through Technology) pilot project, supporting all bank employees. I also was primary contact/tester for the Relationship Management System pilot project for six years.


Word Processor – April 1989 to November 1992

Support teams and officers (25+ employees). Adhere to strict deadlines, prioritizing workload accordingly, meeting quality and quantity standards of job, and maintaining a positive atmosphere.

March 1988 to February 1989

Valley Reclamation Co., Sun Valley - Office Manager/PAP B-900 Coordinator

Reorganize new Operations Office. Learn procedure to handle Waste Implementation Management Plan (PAP B-900). Oversee clerical staff.

February 1985 to November 1987

Solcoor, Inc., Van Nuys - Executive Secretary

Start new Valve Division. Create item numbers for new valve inventory. Set up inventory A/R system. Track inventory at Van Nuys location and other warehouses throughout the U.S. Prepare monthly commission report. In charge of stocking inventory, inventory recordkeeping, and invoicing. Design, prepare, paste-up and proof layouts for new Valve Division Catalog.

March 1981 to February 1985

Coca-Cola USA, Encino - Staff Support Coordinator/Executive Secretary

Supervise paper flow from 25 departmental employees to Word Processing Center consisting of two word processors. Input marketing plan activities via computer, balancing dollar amounts at end of each session. Create custom reports for salesmen and Controller.

(Please see pages three, four, and five for detailed job descriptions of the above positions.)


Elizabeth P. Tungate


- Accurate

- Dependable

- Detail-oriented

- Work very well under pressure


Seeking a position that will challenge my creativity, allow me to enhance my skills, and assist others by sharing my knowledge.


. Administrative 24+ years

. Computer 20+ years


- Interface with clients, executives, intercompany personnel and departmental employees

- Staff support to 25+ employees

- Supervision of office staff

- Database extraction/reporting

- Custom forms and report generation

- Mail merge

- Personnel and time card record management

- Health benefits administration

- Presentations and slide shows

- Customer service

- Maintaining and keeping files intact; set-up and implement new systems

- Corporate travel arrangements: airplane, hotel, meetings, rental car

- Accounts payable and receivable

- Invoice and expense report reconciliation

- Light bookkeeping

- Inventory control

- Daily maintenance of funds and balancing reports


. Instruct others how to utilize the computer and software, enabling them to gain a fundamental working knowledge of basic to intermediate computer use

. Self-starter and able to learn new skills very quickly

. Prioritize work according to deadlines

. Composition of correspondence

. Typing 95+ WPM

- strong statistical

. 10-key by touch



Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Lotus Approach


Lotus Notes

Novell Networks

QuickBooks, etc.

Operating Software:


Windows 3.1







Performance Review Information

Over a period of 11 years, using a rating scale of 1 (unacceptable) to 5 (outstanding), I have achieved a rating of ‘3’ once, five ‘4’ ratings, and five ‘5’ ratings.


I was Employee of the month in February 1993.

I was given the Idea Bank Award for my paper recycling idea being adopted bank-wide.

References: Available upon request

Elizabeth P. Tungate

Job Descriptions

Union Bank of California

Administrative Assistant/ LAN Administrator 12-92 to 4-99

Support teams, officers, and Office 129 as LAN Administrator. This includes user maintenance and support (adding/deleting users, user software assistance, and LU assignment). File server administration (LAN file maintenance, hardware/software upgrades). Tape back up, workstation and printer maintenance (keep all computers and printers in proper running order). General administration (updating appropriate software programs when upgrades are sent, etc.). Learn new programs when time available and assist users.

Assistant to Senior Vice President Work on special projects. Gather information for Walker reports due by 5th of each month, process. Circulate/update Pipeline Report on a bi-weekly basis, copy/dist. Prepare Monthly Loans Outstanding & Monthly Average DDA reports by 15th of each month, copy/dist. Copy/distribute Doc Deficiency Report and monthly CMG Mgmt reports. Check CMG reports for accuracy. Coordinate Nissan Open Golf mailing/ticket distribution. Read/glance at SVP mail, date stamp, make notes and distribute. Print SVP calendar daily, copy/dist. In charge of RMS Direct Mail Program.

Primary contact/user when Office 303 was chosen as the pilot office for RMS roll-out in early 1993. Main tester for RMS merge/extract program between Office 303/305 in fall 1993. Involved w/RMS Telelink project in 1995. Work w/Sales Support to review and research an accurate RMS download from Dun & Bradstreet early-mid 1998.

Assist Vice Presidents by running reports from RMS, prepare and generate closing reports for month-end, prepare Tombstones, type and format proposals. Prepare two FX profitability reports once/month on Lotus Approach, copy/dist. Keep prospect and customer filing filed and up-to-date. Handle preparation/mailings for Holiday Cards/Yearbooks. Order D&B’s, type expense reports, send faxes, prepare mailings, answer phones/take messages, pick-up mail twice daily. Handle infrequent credit rating requests and typing as needed.

Assist Relationship Service Officer by distributing/filing/copying any materials given and various projects, which may be assigned. Prepare three profitability reports from DDA data download on Lotus Approach, copy/dist. Responsible for monthly Statement of Income/Expense report, AAA Descending Balance report w/$2000M +/- differences and typing of Central Purchasing/Harbor Freight AAA statement for monitoring purposes. Update phone list and Emergency Guide as necessary. Place all stationery orders, keep supply room stocked, order kitchen supplies, and handle Iron Mountain (shred and credit file pick-up). Meet deadlines on return/processing of Bank Audit requests, PC Certifications, and various Bank verification reports. Keep all Highlights, GC’s, GIB’s, and updates to Library filed and up-to-date. Code/process A/P invoices.

Union Bank of California

Word Processor 4-89 to 11-92

In the winter of 1992, our office converted from a DOS environment to Windows 3.1 Novell Network. I became LAN Administrator and spearheaded the SMARTT (Sales Management and Reporting Through Technology) pilot project.

Support teams and officers (25+ employees) using personal computer to type Record of Loans, memorandums, letters, legal agreements, and forms. Adhere to strict deadlines, prioritizing workload accordingly, meeting quality and quantity standards of job, and maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Prepare monthly Loan Committee Meeting minutes, using Lotus123, compiling Record of Loans by officer, alphabetizing by customer name, sorting by amount, and photocopying for Meeting.

Process business credit card requests for new cards, and increases, cancellations, additional credit cards for existing business customers. Assist other employees in use of computer, word processing, Lotus123, and RMS.

Elizabeth P. Tungate

Job DescriptionsPage 2

Valley Reclamation Company

Office Manager/PAP B-900 Coordinator

Personal secretary to General Manager. Type, proof, mail, and file all correspondence. Create forms and spreadsheets for all supervisors and managers of Company. Occasional memos and letters typing on word processor for other managers of Company.

Completely reorganize all files in Operations Office. Learn and process all purchase orders for Operations Office and Maintenance Shop. Customer service to include: opening all new customer accounts, customer collection calls, accounts receivable overdue list, and customer cancellations.

Learn procedure to handle Waste Implementation Management Plan (PAP B-900). Coordinate all waste generated by customers via print-out from Lotusl23 forms I created to keep track of customers’ names, addresses, account numbers, and waste generated. Send out monthly renewal checklists to customers identifying the waste generated and follow-up with appropriate paperwork to meet guidelines of WIMP. Phone contact with customers daily to verify information.

Assist other secretaries in learning Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and Lotusl23. Oversee clerical staff. Teach temporary employees how to use telephone system. Occasional office supply ordering, telephone replacement, and furniture buying for new employees.

Furnish potential employees with employment applications. Assist new employees with new hire packages. Keep employment records accurate, up-to-date, and confidential. Process time cards on a weekly basis. This entailed separating Union and Non-Union employees and calculating regular and overtime hours, copying time cards, posting to yearly attendance sheets and filing in timecard notebook by week. Also keep track of vacation charts and index cards of employees verifying sick days paid and vacation taken.

Solcoor, Inc.

Executive Secretary

Personal secretary to General Manager. Work with Division Manager of Valve Division. Handle customer calls. Check inventory stock. Quote prices. Type orders and invoices. Record sales in invoice ledger, representative ledger and customer ledger. Responsible for month-end commission statements for representatives.

Remove inventory from warehouses via computer. Follow-up on customer accounts receivable. Type telexes and send faxes. Type and file all customer quotations, Division Manager's correspondence and statistical charts.

Design, prepare, paste-up and proof layouts for valve catalog. Mail finished catalogs to customers and representatives upon request.

Create and input item numbers for items in inventory. Create warehouses for inventory located in other locations. Create identification numbers for representatives and customers and input into computer. Input inventory for other divisions into various warehouses by item number. Input shipments received and shipments sent to customers.

Input accounts receivable and type sales reports for other divisions. Input accounts payable invoices via general ledger account numbers. Create spreadsheets for Controller and edit spreadsheets using Lotusl23.

Elizabeth P. Tungate

Job DescriptionsPage 3

Coca-Cola USA

Staff Support Coordinator/ Executive Secretary to Controller

and Field Media Supervisor

Handle all correspondence, statistical charts, marketing plans and reports for 25 departmental employees. Supervise paper flow of Word Processing Center. Plan and coordinate work for word processors according to deadlines.

Check marketing plan activity sheets upon arrival to Controller for accuracy, correct activity number, proper documentation and dollar amount. Input marketing plan activities via computer, making sure at end of session that dollar amount entered matches amount on marketing plan activity sheets. Do balancing sheet at end of month and settle marketing plan activities that are complete. Create reports for salesmen and Controller.

Type statistical charts for Media Supervisor. Input budget authorizations into Displaywriter for print-out and distribution to Bottlers and field salesmen. Keep files for budget authorizations by Bottler and ensure that budget authorizations are not duplicated.

Handle all invoices and expense reports; check expense reports for proper documentation and input by salesman into computer. Run month-end reports for invoices paid and expense reports by salesman. Check budgets every month for Area Office expenses and salesmen expenses. Notify Controller of categories or salesmen that are going

over-budget. Keep salesmen and office expenses within budget by using cost-saving devices; such as WATS line, discount stationers and advanced travel reservations.