Toad Town Racing's - Proposed: AHRMA Vintage Superbike Page

We are in full support of AHRMA's new Vintage Superbike class for the 2002 season.

We would like to mention a few things that we feel are incorrect in the proposed rules...

Carburetors Twins:
- Accelerator pumps - yes
- They all ran pumps then, should be legal now.
- Without pumps would be impossible to get big twin off corners.

Carburetors 4's:
- 1000cc - 29mm
- 900cc - 30mm
- 850cc - 31mm
- 750cc - 32mm

Wheel Size:
- No 16's except on Moto Guzzi LeMan's
- Proposed rear rim too wide. 4" rims were not used.
- WM6 - 3.5"

All Seats: Stock pan, cut down

Working charge system

4 Cylinders should run at least 3/4 of stock alternator cover as they did then-
or else they will be so narrow as to give the twins no width advantage.
We need this class to have parity.

1980 Kawasaki K2 1000 MkII should not be allowed, period.

We welcome your comments on these proposed rules and would like feedback on our views,
whether you disagree or agree, we would like to hear from you.

Please Email your comments to Gary at my E-MAIL

This keeps the class fair and will enable us to voice
all of our opinions to AHRMA before finalizing rules for this new class.

Finalized AHRMA Superbike Rule Section in 2004 Rulebook :

Thanks for looking!

Created 11 November 2001 and Updated 3 August 2004