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My name is Gary Swan
Welcome to Toad Town Racing


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I hold the inaugural AHRMA Heavyweight Vintage Superbike
Class Championship on my 1977 GS750 Suzuki for 2002!

Congratulations to Dennis Parrish
Back-to-Back National Champion for Vintage Heavyweight Superbike 2003 & 2004

Here's our newest addition to our site... QuickTime Video!!
Video of Heavyweight Superbike Race Start at Thunderhill.
Lined up on the start are Dennis Parrish (1025cc Z1 Kawasaki);
Jeff Hines (1025cc Z1 Kawasaki); myself (844cc Suzuki),
and Al Madril (another 1025cc Z1 Kawasaki).
Click the Suzuki logo to check out the hole shot (that's me!).
An honest view of TTR horsepower : 844cc against the 1025cc Kawasaki's.

Be sure to turn up the sound to get the full effects!

Patience is a virtue!! You'll need alot of it to download either video!! Click to start the QuickTime Video Superbike Race Start at Thunderhill

Here's another video at Thunderhill of Daryl Foster winning his 1st race
on the new TTR built 350 Sportsman bike.
Click the Honda logo to view the video.

Be sure to turn up the sound to get the full effects!

Click to start the QuickTime Video of Daryl's 1st win in 350 Sportsman!

Please be patient when downloading, files are rather large.
QuickTime or Windows Media Player is needed to view the video.
Click Here To Install
Click the QuickTime Picture to download QuickTime Player

In Memory of our friend,
Rick Brewer #73B & #773 : Sept 1947-April 2003


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underlined words or thumbnail pictures and go to other TTR pages
with information, bigger pictures or other Web Sites.

Our Shop

Our shop specializes in vintage Honda and British motorcycle repair & parts.
We do complete motorcycle servicing. Tune-ups, valve jobs,
engine rebuilds, and brake jobs. Of course, we do race engine work.
We can increase the cc's of your engine to your application.


I have been repairing & racing motorcycles for over 25 years.
I started out NHRA drag racing an 844 Suzuki in 1976.
I joined the AMA in 1980 & started dirt tracking, then TT racing in 1981.
I was the president of Smoke & Roar Racing Club & we operated White Wolf Raceway.
In 1995 I went to roadrace school at Willow Springs under instructor Dave Roper.
I am currently an AHRMA member.
I have been roadracing my 1971 Honda SL350 in the AHRMA 350 Sportsman class since 1995.
At the end of the 2001 season, I finished 2nd place in National points.
I love to slide around a dirt track on my 1959 Triumph T100C.

Approximate Costs for a Honda 350 engine rebuild?
That's an open-ended question. But here goes anyway...

Labor for complete teardown, inspection & assembly would cost $500.--.
- 3 angle valve job $145.-- : with port clean & match $275.-- : Full Race Port $350.+up
- new pistons, OEM with bore - call for pricing
- rings only, with hone - call for pricing
- cam chain $50.--
- new clutch $80.--
- gasket set $45.--
- mill head $35.--
- exhaust system $375.+up

What options would you suggest to open up its performance a little
-not for racing.
For a good running street bike, I recommend a fresh motor
- good valve job - mild port - 30-32mm Mikuni carbs, exhaust system.

Would you be able to fit the slipper style cam chain control system?
Slipper-style cam chain control system totally unnecessary on street motor.
The most important reason for cam chain slipper and roller wear is
improper chain alignment or old OEM guides and rollers.
We have fresh rollers and guides and know how to shim the cam in properly.

We have a NEW 5mm Valve Kit Available for Honda 350's

This Includes :

Spring Kit, Titanium Retainers
Guides with seal kit
Stainless or Titanium valves (standard or 1mm-2mm over)
Lash Caps

For further information or any questions E-MAIL Gary.

We work on street bikes, roadracers, and dirt trackers.
We also work on snowmobiles and jet skis.

We also do bike conversions!
We'll turn your motocrosser into a dirt tracker.
Turn your street bike into a roadracer
or turn any race bike back to a street bike.

We also fabricate road race & dirt track seats & tailsections, & make custom bike stands.

We also make Custom Pipes.

Click for Large View This is a set delivered June 2001 for a Honda 350-4, Historic Production.
Your head pipes, four megaphones with cores $375.-- (not including shipping)

Click for Large View This is a set that was just finished for a 1970 Honda CB450.
CR450 "Replicas" - Complete exhaust from custom flanges to removable cores
- as this set was made for a street legal replica - $400.-- (not including shipping)

Click for Large View

Click for Large ViewThis set of "High Pipes" that was made for Daryl Foster's Honda CB450 roadrace bike.
Scrambler-Style CB450 Dual Megaphone "High Pipes" - Complete dual megaphone exhaust - custom flanges to hand-formed megaphones (options available) - $425.-- (not including shipping)
Click for Large ViewClick for Large View

Click for Large ViewThis set of Flat Track Mile-Style Pipes was made for this 1962 BSA A10 650ccClick for Large View
Click for Large ViewClick for Large View
Custom price quote only.


A complete self-contained crank driven magneto system,
custom made for TTR in England.

Honda twins 350cc/450cc $641
Triumph 500cc/650cc unit construction
and most British bikes that run a 3-stud stator $550
Yamaha 650cc/750cc coming soon!

To Find Out About Getting One of These Magnetos For Your Bike,
or for special applications, Email Gary at


Click flag to see them!

Click to see TTR's Race Pictures!


Click can or part picture to see description and prices!

Click to see TTR's Parts For Sale!

BSA Starfire Glass Tank NOS, never painted
Yamaha XS650 Frame
**SOLD** Yamaha XS650 Motor **SOLD**

For your convenience, we accept online payments.

Racing Piston Sets

The Every Season Sale! $425.00 for 362cc or 497cc Piston Set

For those of you that do your own engine work,
we have Honda 350/450/500 racing piston sets available in your choice of
compression ratios and pistons for other bikes made to order.
These pistons are used in all of our race bikes and race engine work.
Tested and proven in our bikes over three racing seasons!

362cc Forged Piston Kit for CB 350cc

67.5mm - tool steel pins - teflon buttons
available from 11.0:1.0 compression to 13.5:1.0 compression

12.0:1.0 compression 362cc pistons,
Complete with pistons, pins, and rings $425.00
(if different compression required, specify on order in comments section)

Shipping Included for U.S. Customers.
International Customers, Shipping Charges will be calculated accordingly.
(Purchase Price via PayPal Will Include 4% Charge Plus 35 Cents)

497cc Forged Piston Kit for CB 450cc

74mm - tool steel pins - teflon buttons - 12.0:1.0 compression

12.0:1.0 497cc pistons,
Complete with pistons, pins, and rings $425.00

Shipping Included for U.S. Customers.
International Customers, Shipping Charges will be calculated accordingly.
(Purchase Price via PayPal Will Include 4% Charge Plus 35 Cents)

362cc & 497cc piston sets available for shipment to you within two weeks.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR XR 500 - XL 500 - FT 500 (Ascot)

500cc or 540cc Forged Piston Kit
mm - tool steel pin - teflon buttons - 11.0:1.0 compression

Base price 11.0:1.0 500cc or 540cc pistons,
complete with piston, pin, and rings - call for pricing

Shipment time for this piston set to be given at time of order.

We accept payments for all custom forged piston sets online through PayPal.

New style glass for 350 Twins (SL & CB) now available **IN STOCK**

Click for Large View
Bolt-on components, tank complete with Billit cap, dual petcocks.
Shorter and rounder in shape than HRC type.
Tank for SL's has rear sump for extra capacity, rear loop must be modified
for seat on SL ONLY, this also lightens bike 7-10 pounds.

CB & CL available are available now.

Pricing for seat/tailsection (unupholstered) is $150.--
Pricing for tank (in white gelcoat) is $375.--
Pricing for complete set: tank/seat/tailsection (unupholstered) is $500.--

The tank will not work on 750 Hondas because you have the tubes form a triangle and this is the area where it interferes.
The seat will work on a 750 Honda with a support loop made for the hump.

The tank was designed primarily for single backbone framed bikes, with the coils hanging below the brace tube.

Seat Measurements:
<-----------------------------13-1/2" from front of seat to bump stop
----------------->7" tailsection
Width of seat is 8-1/2" at the bump stop and tapers down to 6-1/2" width at the front

For any questions or which other applications this set will work for, E-MAIL Gary.

Evolution of Motorcycles

This section provides technical information & pictures of different motorcycles
in various stages of development. Click the Triumph logo to see my T 100. Clicking
the SL350 takes you to my 1971 Honda 350SL; clicking CB450 takes you to Daryl Foster's
1971 Honda CB450. Don't click the BSA logo - we still haven't located all the pictures.

Click to see Evolution of a Triumph Click to see Evolution of a BSA

Customers Bikes - Before & After Pictures

We found this 1967 BSA Lightening leaning against a chicken coop after 18 years.

Other Projects Finished...

1952 Triumph 6T - Finished Fall 2000

Built fifties style hot rod from basket case. Update motor with 1970 crank, cams, cylinder and 9 bolt head. Morgo gear drive oil pump. Custom carb intake manifolds for side mount. Fabricated axles and spacers for Ceriani forks and B50 front wheel. Also fabricated wiring and exhaust pipes. Finished and delivered to customer. Will furnish pictures upon request.

Honda CB750F

Fabricated fairing, tank, and seat brackets for mounting Tracy tank and seat, and Dunstall half-fairing. Finished and delivered to customer.

Click to see large picture Click to see large picture

Projects Completed - FINALLY!

1976 Triumph 750 - my personal bike!

Click to see my Triumph 750
Pictures and detailed information available now!
My bike was featured in the March 2001 issue of Free-to-Wheel!Click to go to Free-to-Wheel Article
Click to see My Triumph 750


Click motorcycle or bike picture to see description & prices

***JUST ADDED*** 1970 Triumph Bonneville ***JUST ADDED***
Click to See Large Pic & Price for 1970 Tri Bonne
All Original, 13,468 Miles, Twin Clear Hooters, Boyer 16N.
New Tires, Complete Tune & Service & Rebuilt Carbs, RUNS PERFECT!!

1966 BSA Basket Case A65 Lightening
Various basket cases available for your specific race application.

Stop by & see us at AHRMA 2004 National Roadraces!

Daryl Foster has clinched 1st Place in Sportsman 350
on the new TTR custom built racebike!

Results from Pueblo Motorsports Park, Colorado on August 21 & 22
3rd Place Saturday on my Honda and the Superbike transmission locked up
hurling me 15 feet in the air. I landed on my back on the racetrack,
resulting in several broken ribs, cracked collarbone, dislocated shoulder,
broken toes, and intense muscle soreness. Had to spend the night in the
hospital due to lung complications. Going back to the track Sunday
afternoon made me feel better just to see all of our AHRMA family.
Their help is appreciated so much more than words can describe.

Anthony Starros received 2nd Place Saturday and 1st Place Sunday,
bringing him to a tie for 5th Place with Mitch Smith in Lightweight Production!

Results from Thunderhill, Willows, CA on August 14 & 15
3rd Place both days on the Honda and 5th & 4th Place on my Superbike.

We recruited a new AHRMA member and TTR teammate, Anthony Starros!
Anthony graduated rider school on Friday, raced Saturday in the
Lightweight Production Class on a TTR tuned CB350, and passed
on the last lap to receive 1st Place! Go Anthony! Sunday's race
was not finished due to new rider brainfade as he pulled into the
pits with the choke on!

Results from Grattan Raceway, Michigan on June 19 & 20
5th Place both days on my 350 and 4th Place both days on my Superbike.

We were at Willow Springs on 5&6 June for daytime roadracing and
Saturday NIGHT Dirt Track Racing!

Everything was fresh and new for Willow Springs!

Results from Willow Springs, Rosamond, CA on June 5 & 6 were 6th Place
Saturday on my Honda, and 4th Place on the Superbike; Sunday on the Honda was
4th Place and 5th Place on my Suzuki.

Results from Sandia, NM on Sat 1 May were 7th on my Honda, 5th on the Superbike.
The track was so tight that the Superbike kept popping out of 2nd gear.
Both bikes were having minor transmission problems.
Decided to take my freshly updated Triumph 500 to the dirt track on Sunday 2 May.

At Daytona International Speedway on 1&2 March

I received 9th both days on my Superbike due to ignition malfunction and
the motor locked up on Sunday when I lost a rod, nearly landing on my head!
I kept the bike upright and ended up out in the grass watching the rest of the race!

I received 7th & 12th on my Honda, still having problems with the gas tank
and trying to race without 3rd gear. Ended up the cases were cracked.

At Florida Motorsports Park in Jennings, FL
on 26 February during the 1st Round of roadracing I received 11th :(
on my Honda due to gas tank problems and received 5th on my Superbike.

2003 Roadracing Season's Over!!!

I finished 2nd Place in Vintage Heavyweight Superbike and 8th in 350 Sportsman.
Congratulations to Steve Brown, winning another National Championship
on his 350 Sportsman machine!

Congratulations to Dennis Parrish, NEW National Champion on his Superbike!
Billy Addington finished 3rd on his #119 Superbike!

Twenty bikes overall in this class 2003 versus 2002 which had eight overall.
This is an increase of 60% in entries for this new and growing class.

On 27&28 September, I was at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama
I received 3rd places both days on my Superbike.
My Sportsman bike had to stay in California due to space restrictions!

On August 16&17, at Putnam Park, Indiana,
I received two first places on my Superbike.
Finishes on my Sportsman bike were 4th Saturday & 3rd Sunday.

At Grattan on June 21&22, I received two second places on my Superbike.
On my 350 bike, I changed my gas tank and had petcock problems,
finishing 9th Saturday, and better Sunday with 5th place.

On April 26-27 we were at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park, Pahrump, NV
I received 3rd Saturday and due to mechanical problems, 4th Sunday on my Suzuki

I received 4th place Saturday and hole shot the start with a flat tire
but didn't finish the race on Sunday on my 350 Sportsman bike

On April 19-20 at Sandia Motor Speedway, Albuquerque, NM
I received 2nd Saturday and 3rd Sunday on my 1977 Suzuki Vintage Heavyweight Superbike
I received 6th Saturday and 7th Sunday on my 1959 Triumph in Classic 60's

On 29&30 March at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, AZ, I received a 2nd place Saturday
& 2nd place Sunday on my 1977 Suzuki GS750 in the Vintage Heavyweight Superbike race!
I received 3rd place Saturday and 4th place Sunday in the 350 Sportsman race
on my 1973 Honda.

At Jennings, FL and Daytona , I received 5th place at both racetracks
on my 1977 Suzuki. In the 350 Sportsman race I received 10th place
at Jennings, FL and at Daytona I received 12th place on my 1971 Honda.

This was the first time my bikes finished the race at the Daytona track!

- 2002 Roadracing Season's Over! -


Click here to see some pictures of my Click to see pictures of my Suzuki

Congratulations to Steve Brown, National Champ in 350 Sportsman for 2001!
Congratulations also go to CRAIG BRECKON - National Roadrace Champ in 350GP and 200GP,
and National Dirt Track Champ for 500 Classic
Congratulations to Andrew Cowell who is National Champ in 500 Sportsman,
with Tim Stancill finishing in 2nd Place,
Brid Caveney finishing 3rd Place for the 2001 Season
Dave Fulkerson is NATIONAL 2001 CHAMPION in the Formula 250 Class!

(for official results, visit Event Results page)

Check Out Daytona 2008 AHRMA Pics and other great info at AMA's Web Site


and AHRMA West Coast Dirt Track Races

I finished 1st Place in the Regional Dirt Track Series for 600 Sportsman Novice with Dave Cheney in 2nd!

AHRMA Membership Drive!

In an effort to increase the association's ranks, AHRMA is always
looking for new members! Why not Join AHRMA!
New Superbike class added for 2002, bikes from 1972-1980 eligible. See below.

Remember, AHRMA is a great association for vintage enthusiasts as well as competitors.
There is but one way to get Vintage Views, by being an AHRMA member.
As a membership bonus, you get to meet some of the greatest motorcycle enthusiasts in the world.
In addition, you get to compete with legends like Jeff Smith, Dick Mann, Gary Nixon, Brad Lackey,
Al Knapp, Jay Springsteen, and many more. Learn more About AHRMA

JOIN Now! Go To AHRMA Membership Form

Click image to go to AHRMA's Web Site

Click to send E-Mail

Please visit my SPONSORS

They've saved the day -- more than once!

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For your convenience, we accept online payments.

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